The show is about an acid attack which is showing the image of the people's mentality. As now days the crime is more easy due to people mentality ahs change and hence this is the web series based on the message that is based on the acid attack and the for the people of criminal mentality. The episode starts with a man kidnapped where he is asked questions by the accuser. Then a man finds a body half died In a forest behind the factory and he calls the cops and informed them that its an acid attack case, then the body is taken to hospital and the doctor says that the patient is in a critical situation. Later, the doctor also lights on the truth that the body is not of a girl but of a boy, which makes the scenario more confusing for everyone. The cop is investigating deeply the case. and they find out that the victim was a boy, then made a girl and then threw acid on the face and was beaten worst. News media take advantage of this situation and make it crisper and show it live to the nation. The office of Mahadev Sharma reaches out to a victim of an acid attack who he thinks is the main culprit of his case. a dead body is being found in the dump yard, the inspector reaches the crime spot and Mahadev orders to seal the hospital. inspector Sanjay gets kidnapped and tortured meanwhile the police team interrogates Sweety Khetan about the majid murder case. The inspector is ordered not to integrate Tanya, and then the team finds shocking information about Tanya's reality. inspector Vinod Gupta is kidnapped and tortured by Nikhil. sweety and Gang put 'viral' on each person who committed the crime.

  • India
  • 2023
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Crime
Average Score 8.8
imdb 9.8